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Fail Fast or Learn Fast?

This work by Marcelo Bernardes ( @marcelobern ) was originally posted on LinkedIn . As I read the article from Jim Belosic (CEO of ShortStack ), it got me thinking how many times people get paralyzed by past failures. While entrepreneurs are forewarned of the danger (and sometimes likelihood) of failure, fear of failure is a challenge for all people and we all should reflect on which risks to take, how to mitigate them, and seek to learn from the outcome. It is about reframing the fear of failure into risk taking as a learning opportunity. Prepare yourself to learn from your journey I agree with Rob Shelton (global innovation chief of PwC), when a more scientific approach is used, learning takes center stage. It's about having a hypothesis, and testing it, if the results don't match your hypothesis, you've got data. If the results do match your hypothesis, then you have a discovery. - Rob Shelton Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and business leaders m

Corporate Innovation in a Numbers Driven World

This work by Marcelo Bernardes ( @marcelobern ) was originally posted on LinkedIn . In his recent Forbes article , Neil Howe suggests that the shared leadership of Boomers and Gen Xers is a key driver behind the current risk-aversion behavior we see in the corporate environment. This risk-aversion further challenges corporate entrepreneurs (aka intrapreneurs), and the execution of innovation driven projects, especially disruptive innovation ones. Here are some suggestions on how you can win support from your Gen Xer leadership and even engage millennials, who are eager to innovate and become intrapreneurs ! I'd like to be an intrapreneur - "Leadership: attract & retain millennials or fail!" by @marcelobern via @LinkedIn — Melanie Mather (@MelanieMather_) April 22, 2014 Be Numbers Driven Yourself Revenue and profitability are key numbers for most customer facing projects. So start by figuring out how much revenue an